Birth: 25 June 1953
Nationality: German
Education: 1959–1972 Primary school and Gymnasium
1971 Laureate of German music award „Jugend musiziert“
1972 Abitur (A-Level)
1971–1975 Study of composition, music ethnology and historic instruments at the conservatory „Mozarteum“ in Salzburg (Austria)
Career 1975 Founding of ensemble „BärenGässlin“ for Early Music; rediscovery of German mediaeval poet-singers, until 1985 extensive research, publishing, performing and recording
1976 Founding of a community in Bavaria to practise, experience and research communitarian ways of sharing life and work.
1978 Founding of the „Now!-Ensemble“ for contemporary music; since then composing for and performing with this ensemble
1983 Founding of the „Temenos“ model Kindergarten based on the experience of the community
1984 Founding of the media company „Human Touch Medienproduktion GmbH“; since then up to today director (since 2007 senior)
1988 Founding of a pioneering school model for family based free education (closed down 1992 because of restrictions by the state; new initiative since 2002, ongoing endeavour for legalization)
1989 Success in a fundamental lawsuit against the state of Bavaria about the subject of free education (free school)
1992 The pioneering core of the community moves to Switzerland
1993 Founding of the company „ShakeHands Software“; until 1997 director
1997 The community moves from Switzerland to Klein Jasedow in Ostvorpommern in Eastern Germany; since then extensive contribution to the recovery of the impoverished region
1997 Founding of the European Academy of Healing Arts; since then president of the Academy
2000 Founding of the Mediagroup Cultural Creatives as collaborative platform of 7 independent special interest magazines
2004 Initial broadcast of 90-minutes documentary „Die Siedler“ featuring the community, since then numerous repetitions as well as performances in cinemas
2005 Award of the German Government for the European Academy of Healing Arts‘ engagement for a sustainable civic society
2006 Freiherr-vom-Stein-Award of Alfred-Toepfer-Stiftung and Humboldt-University Berlin for innovative social engagement carried out by the European Academy of Healing Arts
2010 Nominee as „Encouragist of the Nation“ in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Other activities: Director of Drachen Verlag GmbH, a cultural creative publishing house
Director of Sona Sounds GmbH & Co. KG
Until 2009 Chief editor of KursKontakte, a bimonthly cultural creative magazine for alternative economy, natural health, free education and communities.
Since 2009 chief editor of the follow-up magazine Oya.
Chief editor of Hagia Chora, the leading magazine for geoculture and deep ecology
Artisic director of the studies of creative therapies at the European Academy of Healing Arts in Klein Jasedow
Associated member of the consulting company Quest-Team; consultant and coach for change processes in communes, business and personal growth; consultant in the community movement
Organizes and leads conferences for regional development.
From 2010 till 2013 General Secretary of The Club oi Budapest International
Until 2009 vice mayor of the commune of Pulow
Since the fusion of the commune Pulow with the town Lassan in 2009 until 2019 member of the city council.
Since 2019 chairman of the building committee of the city of Lassan.
Publications: Numerous recordings of early and contemporary music
1975–1987 Numerous book-editions of early poet-singers (among others Oswald von Wolkenstein, Mönch von Salzburg, Carmina Burana, Martin Luther, Carl Michael Bellman)
1988 „Die Entfesselung der Kreativität. Das Menschenrecht auf Schulvermeidung“ (Ed.), Wolfratshausen 1988
1989 „Das Sonogramm der Persönlichkeit. Gongs als Modulatoren der Körperenergie“, München 1989
1991, 2013 „Tilmann geht nicht zur Schule. Eine erfolgreiche Schulverweigerung“, Wolfratshausen 1991; New Edition 2013
2012 Die Post-Kollaps-Gesellschaft. Wie wir mit viel weniger viel besser leben werden und wie wir uns heute schon darauf vorbereiten können.“, München 2012
Editor and producer of a number of books dealing with nature philosophy, history of culture, and salutogenesis
Cultural creatives related editorials and articles in different magazines